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Hannah`s Fantastic Journey into the Past

Author: Juliane Sophie Kayser

Illustrated by Bernhard Oberdieck

Translated by Johanna Ellsworth


cover-malchen-engl-web.jpgStory lovers often dream of being able to travel through time. Eight-year-old Hannah loves stories, but she never dreamed that time travel could happen to her … but it did! While playing hide-and-seek at the Heidelberg Castle with her Grandma, she suddenly finds herself in the year 1836.There she has a unique and unforgettable encounter. She finds a new friend, who turns out to be the daughter of the Count Charles de Graimberg, a well-known historical figure. Her name is Melly, she is twelve years old and a real tomboy. Thanks to her new friend, Hannah gets to meet the Count de Graimberg in person and discovers the secret of why he came to Heidelberg.But will she have to stay in that old and forgotten time forever?This children’s book takes children from age 6 to 11 along on a fascinating journey through time. An exciting chapter in the history of the Heidelberg Castle is brought to life with this fantastic story that incorporates interesting historical facts. Though the rescuer of the castle, Charles de Graimberg, is mentioned in every tour of the Heidelberg Castle, few know any details about his life. He was an artist, collector and caretaker who preserved the castle. Thanks to his remarkable commitment to the preservation of the castle ruins, it has remained until today a first-class object of interest. More than one million annual visitors from all over the world are attracted to its unique beauty and fame.

48 pages, Euro 14,80

ISBN: 978-3-939540-49-6

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